The (rear) end of this game was pretty amazing.

The Pistons were clinging to 115-114 lead with half-a-second remaining as the Hornets inbounded the ball on Wednesday night. Charlotte's Marco Belinelli couldn't find an open man, so he got creative by bopping the ball off Marcus Morris' tush, which ricocheted back into his hands as he stepped inbounds and banked in a three-pointer that won the game for Charlotte.

It was the most brilliant butt-er beater you'll ever see.

The only problem was Belinelli didn't get the shot off in time. A closer look reveals that the buzzer had sounded and the shot rightfully shouldn't have counted.

Watch for yourself. The action picks up around the 30-second mark. There's nothing quite like a buzzer beater, except the lunacy that comes from a buzzer beater that doesn't count, as these high school teams know all too well.

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