The Texas Department of Transportation reports that all lanes of US Hwy 59 are now open.


Per TCEQ, they have picked up no readings while conducting air quality monitoring, and are communicating no concerns regarding the air quality in Polk County at this time.
The Emergency Operations Center will close today at 5:00 PM.


Per Polk County Sheriff Lyons and Livingston Police Chief Parrish, TxDOT is currently working on a contraflow plan to use Southbound 59, to cone off and run N and S bound traffic in the southbound lane.
Southbound traffic is still diverted West onto 190 W in Livingston.


From Polk County OEM - Shelter in place has been lifted, but limit all unnecessary outdoor activity at this time. Small children and persons with respiratory illnesses and other health problems should remain indoors.
HVAC systems may be turned back on at your discretion.
School districts will be releasing students at normal time. The Goodrich students that were evacuated to Onalaska have been released to return to Goodrich, where they may finish their day or be released to go home.
Hwy 59 is still closed, so please find alternate routes as needed.


Firefighters now have water and foam on the fire. Operations are underway to get the fire under control.


smoke plume forecast


12:57 UPDATE

A press conference from plant officials indicated that a forklift operator was the only person injured in the incident and he is in stable condition at a hospital in Houston.

11:39 UPDATE

The San Jacinto Office of Emergency Management has declared all of Shepherd ISD safe from the chemical plant fire; due to the wind direction, we are not required to Shelter in Place. If this changes, we will update you. We are not releasing for the day at this time. However, if you want to pick up your student, you may do so at the campus front offices.

11:28 UPDATE

The explosion occurred at Sound Resource Solutions. They make solvents for glue and paint remover. According to records from the TCEQ, the plant has reported housing wood turpentine, Phosphoric Acid, Xylene, Diesel Fuel, Sulfuric Acid, Isopropyl Alcohol and Acetic Acid.

These chemicals are known to have acute toxicity.


11:22 UPDATE

From the City of Lulfkin - Our emergency management team is monitoring the chemical plant fire in Shepherd. We do not anticipate any smoke-related issues in Lufkin as we are 70 miles from the affected area. As of 11 a.m., the shelter-in-place order had been reduced to those within a 1-mile radius of the plant.

11:15 UPDATE

Diboll ISD will be releasing ALL students immediately due to the possibility of the schools having to shelter in place due to an explosion of some type of gas in Shepherd. Buses will run all normal routes and car pick up will begin immediately. Daycares are being notified. If at any time during this process we are notified to shelter in place, we will cease pick ups and shelter in place.
Corrigan-Camden ISD will be Sheltering-In-Place and shutting down our HVACs on all of our campuses for the protection and safety of our students and staff.
We will continue to monitor the situation and check for updates as this condition develops.

10:58 UPDATE -

Goodrich ISD has evacuated on the advice of Polk County Emergency Management Services. You may pick up your child at 1855 FM 3459, Onalaska, TX 77360, at the junior/senior high school stadium. Please bring photo ID.  Thank you for your patience during this process.

10:50 UPDATE -

Highway 59 south is now being closed at HWY 190 in Livingston. To go south you will have to go HWY 190 West to Interstate 45. Only local traffic is allowed through to their residence past this point.

10:44 UPDATE -

From the Tyler County Office of Emergency Management - Shelter in Place for Rockland, Chester and Colmesneil. The Plume of Smoke is approaching our county and the communities mentioned may be in the path. Close all windows and turn off the heat and air. Stay inside. Updates will be given as soon as we receive more information.

10:38 UPDATE -

Naskila Casino, east of Livingston, will be closed until further notice.

10:30 UPDATE -

Numerous fire trucks and hazardous materials units are staging near the fire. Officials with the National Weather Service have issued the following simulation showing the direction and concentration of the smoke plume.


A huge explosion and resulting fire has occurred at a chemical plant near Shepherd, Texas on FM 1127. There have been unconfirmed reports of injuries.
The Texas Department of Transportation is advising motorists that Highway 59 in San Jacinto County is closed from FM 1988 to Exit 451B due to this fire and possible hazardous fallout.  Prepare for delays or choose alternate routes. Updates will follow.
An update from the Polk County Office of Emergency Management has advised the following:
An explosion has occurred at a chemical plant in Shepherd on FM1127. Responders have communicated that a plume is heading towards the Livingston area.
Polk County Emergency Management recommends that residents along US Hwy 59 from Goodrich to Leggett shelter-in-place and turn off HVAC systems in homes and businesses immediately.
At this time, the effects of the chemical in the air are unknown.

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