Late Saturday afternoon, a 2-vehicle accident took place near the intersection of Denman Avenue and Loop 287 in Lufkin. According to a report sent to me, someone ran a red light and slammed into another vehicle.  The person driving the second vehicle, Eddie, was ejected from his car.  Likewise, his dog, Montana, was ejected from the vehicle. That vehicle caught fire and became totally engulfed in flames.

Eddie suffered numerous severe injuries including fractured bones in his neck and back. He was transported to a local hospital before being transported to Tyler due to the critical nature of his injuries.  The good news is that as of Sunday afternoon, Eddie has recovered enough to return to his home.

What Happened to Montana?

That's where Eddie and his girlfriend, Angela, hope you can help. After Montana was ejected, it's assumed that she must have run off. There have been several reports concerning where Montana went immediately following the wreck.

Some say that they saw her in the parking lot of Cafe Del Rio. Lufkin Police reported that someone in a grey Ford Explorer picked up Montana. Yet another person claimed to have seen the dog near a flooring business near the intersection. Still another message came in saying that Montana could have been seen on FM 1270 in Zavalla.

Montana's Description

She is a 3-year-old Mini Aussie.  Take a look at the pictures below.

Contributed Photos
Contributed Photos

Eddie's car has been totaled, and he has a very long and expensive recovery ahead of him, but his biggest concern is the safe return of Montana, whom he loves very much.

Eddie and his girlfriend, Angela, are asking for folks to be on the lookout for Montana. When driving in the vicinity of Denman and the Loop in Lufkin, please be observant. If you do have information on the whereabouts of Montana please reach out to this e-mail address:

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