According to his Facebook page, Ray Price has been admitted into a hospital and is being treated for dehydration.  The 87 year old Country Music Hall of Fame member is quick to let fans know, however, the he is on his way to a quick recovery. 

From his Facebook page, he says the following:

Just to let my Facebook Friends know that I have been admitted to the hospital because of severe dehydration. Doctors are pouring the fluids to me and I am feeling much better.
I wanted you to hear from me before you hear it from the media.
I have asked my wife, Janie, to keep you all posted.
Thanks for your prayers and support. Ray


Last year, Price was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, but after a 6 month course of treatment, he is now in remission.

Ray Price is blessed with one of the smoothest, most beautiful and rich voices in any genre of music and he still sounds great today, as you can tell from this video from just a few years ago.