Over a week ago Ray Price was admitted into the ICU at a Houston hospital in order to be treated for the development of sepsis, which is a bacterial infection of the blood.  The good news is that the sepsis is now gone, however, a number of other ailments continue to keep Price in the intensive care unit. 

Janie Price, wife of Ray, issued the following statement on the entertainer's Facebook page:

Hello Dear Friends,

So many of you have requested an update on Ray. Please forgive me for being so long in getting back to you.

Ray is still in the hospital and still in the ICU UNIT.

Ray is stable now. He is alert and talking to me and all of his Doctors and is aware of everything happening around him.

Thank The Good Lord, Rays SEPSIS is totally cleared up now. All culture results came back Negative! .

So why are we still in the ICU?

Rays Team Of Doctors have all told me that he is suffering from a Multiplicity Of Conditions brought on by the pancreatic cancer and the previous cancer treatments he underwent last year. The Sepsis infection has thrown him into Acute Kidney Failure. This has caused another buildup of fluid around his lungs.

Dialysis was started but his blood pressure dropped too low and heart rate much too high from the rapid fluid removal.

He was switched to CVHD. This way the fluid is removed slowly, gently and continually over a much longer period of time.

That's the reason why we have to remain in ICU.

When I tell you that I read your post and messages, I mean that I read them all! I hear your concern. I understand that you care for Ray and are worried about him. I share those concerns with you.

Today marks Day #38 that Ray has been hospitalized. It is Day #10 in ICU. I have not left his bedside for a moment.

Virgie packed me up a Care Package of personal items and mailed to me. Dr. Red Duke hand delivered it to me yesterday and it was most welcome! . You know Virgie. She did not forget to include my favorite nonperishable snacks! !. So I am restocked and ready to last for as long as it takes! Ray has had some bad days and some good days. The good ones far outweigh the bad.

We are in good spirits and remain ever hopeful that this ordeal will soon come to a positive end.

Thanks to each and everyone of you who have sent words of encouragement and your love to us both. Your messages have been a great source of pleasure and has had an enduring effect on Ray. Believe me, we will fight this with every ounce of strength remaining in us. Ray has shown what a real survivor he is. The last thing he says to me every night is "Honey, I Just Want To Go Home".

With Your Good Thoughts And Prayers And The Good Lord Willing, He Will Get His Wish!

Remember Always That We Care For You!. Janie Price.