Riley Green's best songs will make you feel something. It might be the heartache of "In Love by Now" or "I Wish Grandpas Never Died," or the pride for where you grew up ("Bury Me in Dixie," "Outlaws Like Us"). There's nothing in the Alabama native's catalog that needs more seasoning.

Sharp, simple, direct stories of love and life mark the newcomer's debut full-length album Different 'Round Here and the several EPs he cut prior to the 2019 release. Green may not croon like Ronnie Dunn or work a guitar like Keith Urban, but he'll draw you in with personal stories — his stories — of growing up right in the rural south. The pinch of regret that colors "Runnin' With an Angel" isn't obvious, but it's everything. The same could be said of "Bettin' Man," a deep-cut from his first project with BMLG.

Find steel guitar all over Green's best songs. At his live shows he does little more than stand and sing, but his fans love watching hearing stories like "Georgia Time" and "Numbers on the Cars." The fans are coming for the country music, which is to say they're coming for the right reasons.

Do you have a favorite Riley Green song? Listen to a playlist of some our favorites while sifting through our rankings of the 10 best Riley Green songs. We're open-minded. Make a compelling case for why a certain song should be ranked higher and we'll adjust over time. This list figures to change plenty during the Taste of Country RISER's long career.

These Are the Top 10 Riley Green Songs: 

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