This may just be the hardest challenge yet. This week we’ve got a legend versus one of Texas’ brightest young stars as Pat Green and “Even the Losers” goes head to head with Kyle Park and “The Night is Young.” The decision may be a little harder this week but your job is the same, listen to both new songs and vote for your favorite.

First up is Pat Green. His latest album “Songs We Wish We’d Written II” has been a monster success. It’s a cover album (obviously) but Pat did a great job making each his own. To date it’s spawned two singles and two No. 1 singles including “Austin” and “All Just to Get With You.” Will “Even the Losers” be the third? Perhaps, but first he’s got to get through The RTX New Music Challenge. Check it out.

And in the corner it’s Kyle Park. Kyle is widely regarded as one of the next big names in Texas Music, if you don’t think he is already. His built a huge fan base the last several years, despite only getting his first Top 10 this year. Yeah, I know hard to believe, I though he’d had about ten. His latest album “Make or Break Me” is out now. Give his new single “The Night is Young” a listen.

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