Sara Evans is simply beautiful — and no, we’re not just referring to when she’s on the red carpet, looking smashing in a glitzy dress and perfect makeup. Recently, the singer took a chance and shared this picture of herself without a drop of foundation or mascara on her face.

“I’m being brave and posting a picture of me without makeup!” Evans told her hundreds of thousands of Facebook fans.

And she turned major heads — in a good way. We’re not sure how the ‘Born to Fly’ hitmaker expected her fans to react to seeing her au naturale, but they were quick to reassure her with more than 40,000 ‘likes’ and encouraging comments.

Just glancing at the country star’s self portrait, it’s hard to believe that Evans is a 41-year-old mother (and stepmother) of seven! Perhaps it’s her laid-back beach lifestyle which keeps her young? Oh, and that brood of kids.

We’re guessing that the country songstress feels as youthful as she looks, too. Recently, she’s been hinting to the press that she and her sports radio host husband Jay Barker are thinking about adding another kiddo to their already large family.

What do you think of Sara Evans’ fresh-faced look? Should more stars make the ‘leap’ from makeup artists to bare beauty?