Shania Twain may have retired from the road, but she's still working on that album fans have been waiting for. The singer shared a photo of herself in the studio via Twitter on Wednesday (Aug. 3).

"On a roll…" Twain captioned the photo, which shows her seated at a piano with a guitar in hand and microphone in front of her.

Twain has been working on a new album for several years, though there has been no indication of when it will be released. In an interview with USA Today last year, the singer promised new music will be a departure from the Twain fans know and love.

“It’s so entirely different,” she said. “It’s better for me to say it right now. That songwriting is just so different.”

Speaking to the Las Vegas Sun, she shared that she's been working on her songwriting, and that her residency in Las Vegas has helped her through the process.

“The success here in Las Vegas has given me a confidence that I have not had in years, even in past tours,” she told the newspaper. “I really have been able to build up a lot more courage and a lot more confidence in myself. Yeah, I’m ready for more things now.”

It’s been 14 years Twain released her last album, Up!, and the music industry has changed quite a bit, but Twain is trying her best to write honest songs.

“That’s a whole new world there for me because that took a lot of courage, too,” she said. “Just to really dive in there and expose my songwriting for the first time after a long time to my peers and have to sit there and get the feedback and be brave enough to do that.”

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