Sheryl Crow has sold over 35 million records worldwide, and she's poised to add to that number this fall with her first-ever country music album, 'Feels Like Home.'

It's been twenty years since the release of Crow's first album, 'Tuesday Night Music Club,' and she is taking a new direction with 'Feels Like Home.' Not only is it her first country record, but she also co-wrote each track with another songwriter, which is brand new territory for the songstress. Brad Paisley gave his two cents on one of the 12 tracks, 'Waterproof Mascara.'

Crow's current country hit, 'Easy,' is Top 20 and climbing.

After packing up and moving to Music City seven years ago, she found that the transition was seamless. “It wasn’t until I moved here that I realized what an amazing community it is," says Crow. “It’s the thing I’ve been missing my whole career, the feeling of being able to sit around with a guitar and have people know each other’s songs and know songs from people who’ve influenced all of us."

She adds, "When I moved here pretty early on Vince Gill started calling me to do guitar pulls, and I thought, gosh, this is just like heaven on earth down here.”

Ten years ago, Crow tried country for the first time, and apparently playing country music just 'feels like home' to the singer. Visiting radio stations on a mini tour reminds her, she says, of 'Coal Miner's Daughter,' the story of Loretta Lynn.

"It really is like the scene where Doo zips up Loretta's dress and she runs in with her new acetate, her 45, and says, `Here's my new record,' and she plays something on air, shakes a few hands and leaves," Crow explains to the AP. "It really is a throwback to that and it's the most organic thing I've done in years."

'Feels Like Home' will hit the streets September 10.

Sheryl Crow 'Feels Like Home' Track Listing:

1. 'Shotgun'
2. 'Easy'
3. 'Give It to Me'
4. 'Drinking'
5. 'Callin’ Me When I’m Lonely'
6. 'Waterproof Mascara'
7. 'Crazy Ain’t Original'
8. 'Nobody's Business'
9. 'Homesick'
10. 'Homecoming Queen'
11. 'Best of Times'
12. 'Stay at Home Mother'