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Cody Canada Dishes On Cross Canadian Ragweed Split
- Written by Buddy Logan
It's been nearly two years since the most beloved band in the history of Red Dirt Music broke up. Rumors of Cross Canadian Ragweed's split have run rampant, but not many questions have actually been answered, until now. In an interview with DallasObserver.com, form…
Roger Creager Band at Banita Creek Hall [PHOTOS] [VIDEO]
The Roger Creager Band took the stage at Banita Creek Hall on Saturday, November 5th along with opening act, the Brison Bursey Band.
The award-winning Texas country singer and songwriter kept the crowd entertained throughout the night with favorites like 'The Everclear Song', 'My Ship Goes Down' and …
Trace Adkins Speaks Out After House Fire
If you lost your home in a fire, you probably wouldn't be in the mood to joke about it with a room full of reporters - but then, you're probably not multi-platinum-selling country singer Trace Adkins, who kicked off a recent press conference with a simple "My house burned down."
Adkins, who…
Woman Steals Racks of Ribs and Oxtails in Her Purse
Some women carry gum or mints in their purse. Marie Chester carries dinner for a big family.
Police in Fort Pierce, Florida arrested the 40-year-old woman last week for shoplifting six full racks of ribs and two packs of oxtails from a supermarket. Somehow, she carried out the food in her pocketbook.…
Modified Dairy Cows Produce Human Milk in China
Scientists in China have genetically modified a batch of cows so that they can now produce human breast milk opposed to regular cow's milk. The researchers at the Agricultural University in Beijing did so by injecting the human gene that makes milk into 300 bovine embryos.

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