Because we were all just thinking it's WAY too much work to make an actual S'more, the cookie geniuses at Oreo are putting together something yummy to help us. Just in time for a Memorial Day Weekend barbecue!  But if we wait too long to jump on this greatness we'll miss out.

S'Mores Oreos are coming out this Friday, May 22nd, and People Magazine says they'll only be available for "a limited time."  One of those deals that makes us think they'll stick around if there's big demand, and if no one buys them then these delicious-sounding, graham and marshmallow and chocolate-flavored little sandwich cookies will go away.

I hope these little doozies stick around.  Because really, who wants to go to all the trouble of lighting a fire, finding a long stick to attach a marshmallow, turning the marshmallow until the perfect golden brown color is achieved, getting messy fingers taking the marshmallow off the stick, and fussing with the chocolate bar until the perfect softness is reached.  It's a delicate process, and Oreo aims to circumvent all that hassle in one package of a couple dozen cookies.

Will you dunk them in milk?  Lick out the middle?  Thank you Oreo, for continuing to amaze us.

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