Did you pay attention to the listeria warnings and throw out your Blue Bell ice cream? Some Texans are taking a risk and eating it anyway.

Blue Bell ice cream was recalled about a month ago over worries about listeria, and there's no word yet when it might be back on the shelves.  In the meantime, Blue Bell says not to eat any of its ice cream.

There's a story making national news now about some loyal Blue Bell fans that just won't toss the ice cream tubs because they love it so much, and they're willing to take the risk that they might get sick.  Health experts say even if you eat your way through half a tub and don't get sick it doesn't mean you're in the clear.  There could be some listeria lurking down there are the bottom.  Yikes!

Here's what some Texans are saying about how they'll approach Blue Bell once it's back on the shelves.  Do you have reservations about the ice cream?