You won't find a bad song on Tim McGraw's latest album Two Lanes of Freedom. Trust me, it can't be done. I tried to pick a favorite track, but I eventually had to turn it into a Top 5 list. (Okay, maybe Top 6.) Two have graced the airwaves as singles and McGraw's latest release, Southern Girl, marks number three.

Southern Girl could easily become the song of the summer. It has simple yet catchy lyrics, a beat that invites a little hip swaying mixed with some finger snapping, and even an auto-tune section that jumps over annoying and lands straight in "stuck-in-your-head-all-day" territory. (I don't know how that last one works but it does, and I love it.) The chorus is so descriptive that there's no question why songs about southern girls continue to exist. "Kisses sweeter than Tupelo honeyLittle bit crazy like New OrleansMemphis blue and Daytona sunnySoft as cotton in some cut-off jeansDon't you knowAin't nothing in the whole wide worldLike a southern girl." 

My favorite phrase of the track is both flirtatious and witty; "A southern girl's mama probably taught her how a lady should actBut a southern girl's probably got a barn somewhere out backShe'll get a little hay in her hair, her tires in the mudShe's been caught in the rain and washed in the bloodLikes cherries in her coke, takes a little sip/ Comes over to me with them sunburned lips." 

Within a couple of listens, Tim McGraw's Southern Girl will have you grooving and singing right along. It's already a favorite request on the Two Lanes of Freedom tour so, whether you know a southern girl or you're one yourself, proudly sing this song and let it remind you why southern girls rock the world.

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