Starting Monday, August 26th, the residents of Nacogdoches - or even just visitors passing through the city - should change up their plans a bit. They should avoid North Street at all costs. Why is this? Because the city of Nacogdoches will be changing drastically for the next three and a half months, that's why.

Monday marks the first day of classes for the campus of Stephen F. Austin State University. That means that North Street, the main road in town, will be overloaded with all kinds of people. Students, parents of students, university workers, visitors of the university, and many, many more. So, I urge you, please avoid North Street. At the very least, avoid driving on it. I mean, if you just absolutely, positively, MUST HAVE that large...sorry, VENTI iced coffee concoction from Starbucks, park elsewhere and walk to the store. I know that Taco Bell might look enticing, but maybe consider using the secondary location on the south side of town. Also, before heading out, think it through: Do you REALLY need to make that Walmart run? Or, can it wait? My money is on the latter, but that's just me...

If you've been in Nacogdoches and witnessed this particular transformation of the city before, then you know how hectic it gets, and how it would make life easier to just avoid North Street for the next few months. This plea is for those of you that haven't experienced it before. I'M TALKING TO YOU, FRESHMEN!

I think this plea is a legitimate one. Join me, and avoid North Street. Find alternate routes. Heck, stay home once in awhile! Oh, and one more thing: Welcome back, Jacks!


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