An arctic blast is forecast to move into East Texas beginning Thursday afternoon. Temperatures are expected to plummet from the mid-50s midday Thursday to near the freezing mark by sunset.

By the time you wake up early Friday morning, temperatures will be near single digits with wind chill temperatures near or below zero.

Thankfully, no precipitation is expected to fall during this polar weather event.  However, the extreme cold will eventually lead to the issuance of Hard Freeze and Wind Chill Warnings throughout all of the Pineywoods.

Now is the time to prepare and protect your home, family, and pets from the extreme cold.  Our friends at Strickland Plumbing and HVAC offer up these tips:


Build a kit

An emergency kit should include food and water to last for several days, along with tools in case your power goes out. Here are some items that should be included:

  • Food and water for several days
  • Pet food and supplies
  • First aid kit
  • Flashlight and phone chargers in case power goes out
  • Prescription medication and glasses

Get your home ready

  • Leave your heat and water on to ensure it continues operating when you need it
  • Keep your faucets dripping to avoid your pipes freezing and bursting
  • Keep cabinet doors open so the warm air can keep the pipes warm

Bring in your pets

  • Younger pets, like puppies and kittens, as well as older pets can develop mild hypothermia symptoms with temperatures in the 50s.
  • Even healthy pets, if they spend the majority of their lives inside, can be susceptible to hypothermia.
  • Texas law requires animal owners to provide necessary food, water, care or shelter. When the temperature drops. If they can’t come inside, they should have shelter like a doghouse or shed with blankets or straw inside.

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