After living on the outskirts of Lufkin a few times, I decided I really never wanted to move outside of Loop 287 in Lufkin. The proximity to work and shopping keeps the miles off of your car and makes trips to the store a breeze.

Saying this home meets those requirements is an understatement. This place is inside a gated community basically in Target's backyard. You could be sipping a Starbucks vanilla latte in less than 10 minutes if the mood strikes you.

If the location sells a home, this one is right where you want to be. The house itself is amazing on the outside, and the inside is like a jewelry box.

French Style Home For Sale In Lufkin, Texas

The outside of this home is completed in the French style. I love the chimney cap, and the landscaping is reflective of the style of the home.

There are also aspects of Nouveau-Acadian architecture you would expect to see in Louisiana. The sloped gable roofs and everything that comes with it gives this home a lot of eye appeal.

There are many points of interest on just a 0.5-acre plot. One of the best features is that it's located inside a small gated community, so people won't be driving through your neighborhood at 3 am looking to rummage through your cars.

Home For Sale In Lufkin, Texas Is A Jewelry Box On The Inside

The home was built in 2017, so everything is modern and well insulated. The grey and white color palette with bronze fixtures is modern and timeless all at once.

Take a look around and check out the amazing chandeliers.

French And Acadian Inspired Home In Lufkin, Texas

The amazing architecture on the outside only hints at the perfection on the inside of this Lufkin home.

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