Is your dog spending the next few days shaking in the corner, or hiding under the bed?  Mine too.  The fireworks are a blast for everyone except the pups.

It must be strange to be a dog, not knowing what in the heck the boom and pop noises are, or why they're going off all of a sudden.  Dogs don't understand that adopting the Declaration of Independence and declaring our independence from Great Britain was pretty cool, and set up America to become what it is today, and that we like to shoot off fireworks to celebrate it every year.  They just know the noise makes their ears hurt.

Harry is not the most laid-back dog in the world on an average day.  Thunder scares him, three screaming and yelling girls under the age of 7 make him nervous, and if I'm gone from home too long he doggie-swears at me when I come back.  He's a skiddish guy, maybe because he's a rescue dog and had a rough, semi-abused start in life.  He just wants to lie by my feet in peace now and snuggle and not be bothered.

The American Humane Association says July 5th is its single-busiest day of the year, because so many dogs get jumpy from the noise and run away from home on the 4th. They advise we keep our dogs in a confined area so they can't get loose this weekend.  And maybe leave the radio on like I do.  Harry loves our music.

Look at it this way pups.  The 4th of July is also the biggest grilling day of the year, and maybe you'll get some scraps of steak to make all this worth your while.  Hang in there, and be glad you live in America -- home of the free and land full of pet owners that love to buy you clothes, toys, and treats.

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