9/11 Timeline
Today marks the 14th anniversary of the tragedy events of 9/11.  The following is a partial timeline of the events that took place on that day.  All times are Central and the source of the timeline is the History Website.
9/11 - We Remember and Honor
Today is a day for thought, remembrance and prayer.  No words that I could say would add to the significance of that fateful day 12 years ago.  So, we remember with pictures, a timeline, and the names of those lost that day.
Butt Dials to 911 are a Growing Problem
9-1-1 false alarms are nothing new. We’ve heard of kids dialing 9-1-1 when there’s no emergency, and we've heard about people calling emergency dispatchers for all the wrong reasons, liked burned hamburgers at fast food restaurants and things.
But have you ever been driving on Highway 59 or Highway …
9/11, Pearl Harbor, And My 11th Grade History Class
I was not alive when Pearl Harbor happened.  Heck, my mom was only 4 years old at the time.   Much like anyone born years after 1941, I knew the details about the attack on Pearl Harbor, but I could hardly fathom the feelings of the profound significance of that terrible day on Decemb…