Waterspouts Form Off Australian Coast [VIDEO]
Mother Nature threw Australian residents a curve ball Monday when four waterspouts, well, sprouted off the New South Wales coast.
Cameras caught the stunning - and admittedly scary-looking - event, which occurred just north of Sydney. (A local news station claimed the spouts reached upwards of 600 me…
Jimmy Buffett Released From Hospital
It's still unknown if a blown-out flip-flop was to blame, but "Cheeseburger in Paradise" singer Jimmy Buffett was released from a Sydney, Australia, hospital on Thursday (January 27), a day after taking a terrible tumble from a concert stage in the city, according to MTV.
Keith Urban Sings With….The Wiggles!
Keith is from Australia, The Wiggles are from Down Under as well, it seems that it was only a matter of time before the two got together for a song.
In fact, the Wiggles are releasing a new album entitled, "Let's Eat", and according to Taste of Country, Keith Urban joins them f…