Hollywood Discovery
In March, 2016, Lufkin Police requested the public's help in locating a man that had been reported missing by his father.  On March 2nd, Jason Stevens, 36, was last seen leaving his job at Ross Motorsports on North Timberland Drive around 10:40 a.m.
Blockbuster Movie
A lot of people are going to act like they didn’t see the enormous success of ‘American Sniper’ coming, but the signs were all there. On top of the promising limited release numbers, there was the awards buzz. On top of that, there were the names of director Clint Eastwood and s…
‘Home Alone’ House For Sale [VIDEO]
I think it would be so neat to own a piece of Hollywood history. The house is beautiful - however, I don't think I'd be able to survive the Chicago winters!
According to the Chicago Tribune, the house featured in the movie 'Home Alone' officially went on the market Thursday with an asking price of - …
Death On Set Shuts Down NCIS Filming
NCIS is one of the hottest shows on TV, but the cast who deals in fake homicides every day, had to deal with a real life death that occurred on the set.
The filming for the day was shut down as a result.
Fitness Legend Dies At 96
Francois Henri “Jack” LaLanne spent the better part of his 96 years on earth educating the people of the world about how to be physically fit.  From 1951 until 1985, he had a fitness show on television in which he gave workout and nutrition tips.
True Grit [VIDEO]
In theaters on Christmas day, this movie follows a tough U.S. Marshal trying to help a stubborn young girl track down her father's murderer.
The Cohen Brothers's film has been nominated for numerous Screen Actors Guild awards and Golden Globes, and critics claim this 1969 remake is wor…