East Texas Weather Delays/Closures January 28
East Texas is about to have another round of wintery weather that includes ice and snow. We will be keeping a close eye on the system as it makes it's way through our listening area, and pass along any and all delays and closures of schools, businesses, or other organizations.  This list w…
Snow pictures wanted
Send us your photos of the snow! We want to see what the storm looks like in your neck of the woods.
Dreaming of a Wet Christmas? Santa Delivers.
So it's not white. It's a wet Christmas.
The rumbles of thunder make it seem more like April than December, and if you're traveling today expect the rain showers to continue through tonight. If you're traveling north, the chances of seeing snowflakes increase.
Man Survives 61 Days in Snowed-In Car [VIDEO]
The world is filled with terrible news, so it’s nice for us to find a story with a happy ending once in awhile.  Not that type of happy ending. Pervert. Here is an amazing story about a Swedish man who was stranded in a snow drift for 61 days.
East Texas Winter Weather Update
Protect your plants, pipes, and pets...and people while you're at it.   Tonight's lows will be getting down to around 20 tonight, but we're expecting sunshine on Thursday and highs in the 60's by Saturday.
School late starts follow the bump.