A slice of pizza can last for three years!

And if you're in the US Army that's not a bad thing.  

The US Army has been looking for ways to make the food better, and the latest concoction is a slice of pizza that's fully cooked, and can last up to three years.  It's an M-R-E (Meal-Ready-to-Eat), and after it's cooked in the lab they put a protective barrier on it to keep the bacteria out until 2019 or so.  Then they seal it up, and it's there for a hungry soldier when he needs it.

The Army is really trying to give soldiers some good food on the job, so they don't feel so separated from the comforts of home while they're out there protecting freedoms and things.

All of us can actually help right now.  I wrote a few weeks ago about how the Army is asking anyone with taste buds to eat nothing but MREs for 21-straight days, and offer input and feedback on the taste, texture, and convenience.  All we have to do to help the troops in this case is eat!  It's the least we can do.

There’s a US Army recruitment center in the Lufkin Mall by the way. Thanks troops, for doing what you do.

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