Red ink is something no business wants to see when it comes to their bottom line ledger, however, management at a newly opened bar and restaurant in Midland, Texas apparently would prefer no ink least when it comes to tattoos on certain parts of the body.

According to a new's report, some residents in this west Texas city are claiming that they were refused service at Little Woodrow's because of neck and/or facial tattoos. (image above is a file photo and not associated with restaurant's patrons)

Little Woodrow's is a Texas-based bar/eatery with locations in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, and now, Midland.  They require patrons to be 21 and over and they have a dress code.  The recently opened location in Midland also prefers their customers to not have tattoos on their face or neck.  Those with tattoos on their neck are given the option to cover it with clothing.

The restaurant is well within its rights to dictate and enforce their own dress code, but a few have taken to social medial to express their thoughts on it.

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