A Texas man is in legal trouble after he admitted to striking a 12 year old boy in the face with an open hand.  James Peace says that he was standing up for his stepdaughter who was being bullied by the boy.  According to KSLA, the 37-year-old Deer Park, Texas resident was picking up his stepdaughter from school after she had complained of the attacks - which allegedly included verbal abuse and rock throwing.

According to the report, Peace's wife (who remained anonymous) said that even though he had good intentions - James' emotions got the best of him.  Allegedly, Peace and his 12 year old stepdaughter saw the boy as they were driving away.  That's when he decided to stop the car and confront the boy.  Allegedly, he yelled at the minor, then struck him in the face.  According to the police report, the incident left the victim with "red marks and swelling to his cheek and upper jaw."  Peace has admitted to slapping the juvenile, and surveillance video of the incident has surfaced as well.

According to KHOU, he is charged with injury to a child under 15.

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