Super Bowl LVII will be played in Glendale, Arizona on Sunday, February 12. The game will feature the championship team of the NFC, the Philadelphia Eagles, taking on the top team of the AFC, the Kansas City Chiefs.

First Time Ever

Did you know that for the first time ever in a Super Bowl, two brothers will face off against each other?

Kansas City's Travis Kelce, arguably one of the best tight ends to ever play pro football, will be taking on his brother, Jason Kelce, who plays on the offensive line for the Eagles. In an interesting subplot, Jason's wife, Kylie, will be in attendance at the big game. She is 38 weeks into her third pregnancy and will be bringing her OB/GYN to the game---just in case.

Also for the first time ever in a Super Bowl, the opposing starting quarterbacks are born and raised in Texas.

Patrick Mahomes was born in Tyler, Texas. He would later play football for the Wildcats of Whitehouse High School. In fact, he was the district MVP in football, basketball, and baseball. At one point in time, Mahomes was considering professional baseball in conjunction with or over pro football.

Jalen Hurts was born in Houston and played high school ball at Channelview. His team finished 2nd in the district and was ousted in the first round of the playoffs by Manvel.  The final score was 71-21.

Texas, Our Texas...

I have seen other articles written that reveal the total number of Texas-born players who are on the rosters for Super Bowl LVII. But, I decided to focus on the previous fifty-six Super Bowls.

There have been hundreds of Texans who have played on the world's biggest sports stage. Cowboys' fans will remember the late Harvey Martin who was born and raised in Dallas. You can even go back to the first Super Bowl and Green Bay's Max McGee, who was an East Texas native.


The Best of the Best

Which Texas-born Super Bowl players over the past 56 years gave us the best individual performances?  This is based on what could be one huge difference-making play or the overall stat line.

Without further ado, here is what I view as the Top Ten Super Bowl Performances by Players Born in Texas.  If you see that I've omitted someone deserving from this list, please reach out to me.

Top Ten Super Bowl Performances by Players Born in Texas

Here are the top ten individual performances for Super Bowl 1 through Super Bowl 56 by players that were born in the Lone Star State.

10 Players Born In Texas Playing In Super Bowl LVII

Both starting quarterbacks are from Texas, but who has the most Texans on their team?

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