Tuesday night (May 14) on The Voice was a dramatic cut indeed. The Top 8 was slashed to a Top 4, with three finalists automatically advancing to the finals on America's votes. The bottom two were automatically eliminated, while the singers in 4th, 5th and 6th place sang to see who scores an Instant Save.

Two of coach Blake Shelton's crew got through by America's votes alone: Dexter Roberts and (unsurprisingly, given his Monday night Lee Greenwood cover) Gyth Rigdon moved right on. However, Kim Cherry and Carter Lloyd Horne were eliminated, leaving Andrew Sevener to sing for a save against coach Kelly Clarkson's Rod Stokes and coach John Legend's Shawn Sounds.

Did he have a chance? Well, it was a worthy competition, make no bones about it. Sevener put forth his best with a performance of the Lynyrd Skynyrd classic “Simple Man,” which had his coach Shelton predictably raving.

"Part of me believes that's going to get you in the finale. Then the other half of me thinks, damn it, I wish you would have saved that for the finale," enthused Shelton. "That's the most connected to a song I heard you all season. Why didn't you tell me you could sing that song like that?

"You guys, listen, Andrew is the real deal," Shelton continued. "He is country to the core. He's an incredible vocalist. He's a great guy. He deserves to be in this finale. Please, America. Please, America."

Although Clarkson's Stokes (who performed with Clarkson earlier in the eve) put forth a formidable effort, and Legend's Sounds charmed with a Bruno Mars cover, America listened to Shelton and moved forward Sevener.

That puts Shelton with three out of four in the finale, with Maelyn Jarmon solely representing Team Legend. Hmmm, wonder which coach will win? It seems pretty obvious at this point, but be sure to check in next week for the finale!

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