The Voice Season 13 Top 12 results aired on Tuesday (Nov. 21), and one unlucky contestant had to pack it in and go home as a result of viewer's votes.

That particular artist was, sadly, Team Adam Levine's Jon Mero, who lost out on America's vote with a lackluster Jackson 5 cover. However, country music fans will be happy to know that all of Team Blake Shelton's artists -- Red Marlow, Chloe Kohanski, and Keisha Renee -- were spared.

In celebration, the three gamely took the stage with Shelton to perform a rollicking cover of Hank Williams Jr.'s 1991 hit ,"If It Will, It Will."

The tune proved to be a perfect choice for the three very different artists, headed up by Mr. Sexiest Man Alive himself -- who appeared totally in his element leading the ensemble in honky-tonk fashion. Otherwise, the combination of highly disparate styles somehow all blended perfectly on stage. Marlow had fun strumming his guitar and playing up his everyman appeal, while Kohanski applied sexy and flexibly smoky tones to her verses, and Renee just plain blew it out of the water with her soaring and powerful vocals.

This was overall just a good-time performance that showed off the contestants' relief at making it through, plus spotlighted exactly why they were voted to go on. The audience definitely seemed to approve, roaring with applause at the end.

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