It's hard to argue that Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren, are a perfect match simply made in heaven. The adorable couple celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary Friday (Oct. 12), with both offering up social media odes to each other so sweet they could almost make one gag...except that these two are just so darn cute, they easily get away with it!

Rhett posted a shot of the two swirling about in a laughter-filled moment, adding the message "Happy 6th anniversary babe. You will forever be my favorite person on the planet. I hope we are still spinning DJ sets when we are 90."

Meanwhile, Mrs. Akins added her own love note online, outlining the couple's crazy "life changes"—two kids, two dogs—as well as letting fans in on their special date night for the evening.

As it turns out, the pair aren't too different from most of us normal folks out there juggling hectic work and family responsibilities. In lieu of a fancy celebration, they managed to carve out a little time to catch a flick, and enjoy some junk food, too!

"Thanks for treating me to my FAVORITE date: a movie, popcorn, milk duds, dr. pepper and BONUS-we even threw a hotdog in there this year since up until this photo I had only eaten chocolate covered strawberries and some coffee for the day," Lauren noted. (Busy moms: Can you all relate?)

Hot dogs or five-star restaurants, we're sure this couple will be enjoying many years together to come.

Rhett is currently on second leg of his Life Changes Tour 2018 alongside openers Midland and Brett Young, which may explain why he doesn't have much time for elaborate anniversary dates this year.

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