In East Texas, we have our own rules for driving. I mean, not all of us, but for a vast majority of people the laws that apply to everyone else don't seem to apply to them. So before you hit the road, especially if you're not familiar with the roads here, you might want to review the little nuggets of East Texas driving info below.

Blinkers are optional - Yes, all over North America, using turn signals is required by law. However, when you get into East Texas, they magically become optional. It seems that if you see the person in the act of turning, that's enough. Why would they need to give you warning before turning?

Stop signs are also optional - You know those large, red, octagonal-shaped signs with white letters that say "STOP" on them? Yeah, as long as there is no law enforcement around, you may or may not have to stop at them. The choice is yours.

Paper tags are completely acceptable, even if the car is in disrepair - This is something that has become a common thing over the past couple of years. You see a car that you know has no chance of ever passing an inspection ever again. The lights don't work, parts are held on by bungee cords, shattered windows have been replaced by tarp etc. However, they've got those paper tags.

And, we'll even throw in a bonus tip, which is better than any of the ones above.

**BONUS: FOLLOW THE LAWS - This one speaks for itself. Follow the laws. Use the turn signals. Stop at the stop sign. Keep your car up-to-date and legal. Follow the speed limit. You do these things, and hopefully it will be contagious and turn the three tips above around.**


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