It was just a few years ago that less than a handful of stores decided to beat the Black Friday rush and open their doors at some point and time on Thanksgiving day.  Now, in 2013, you're hard-pressed to find a major outlet that's not opening on turkey day or evening. 

To many Americans this is sacrilege.  In fact, a Facebook movement pledging not to shop on Thanksgiving has started.  They argue that everyone deserves a holiday and when someone is forced to work, that takes them away from their family.


Many others don't see what the big fuss is all about.  Most stores that are opening on Thanksgiving are doing so later in the afternoon or evening.  They make the argument that due to the later opening this allows families and friends to spend quality time together throughout most of Thanksgiving day, not to mention, by the time Thanksgiving evening rolls around a lot of folks tend to get tired of being cooped up all day long.

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