Well then who the heck are all these people shopping like maniacs?

It's a crazy time of year. Sure, there are plenty of moments to slow down and enjoy family, but for the most part we are all losing our minds. OK, maybe that's a little extreme. There's just a lot of hustle and bustle especially around Black Friday. We've all seen the crazy videos of people fighting over toys, kitchen gadgets and the latest iPhone because they are getting a great deal. It's madness.

And apparently it could all be a lot worse.

That is, if more people cared about Black Friday. According to WalletHub, the majority of people just aren't that into Black Friday. Their survey found that 52 percent of people don't think Black Friday sales are anything special. Of those who won't be shopping on Black Friday, most are people over the age of 59, but women we're a fairly close second in their indifference to these deals.

I'd like to see a similar survey about Cyber Monday.

Results also revealed that 27 percent of us will be spending less on holiday shopping than last year. I think I fall into this category. I'm making my present this year, my presence. It sounds like a joke, but I think quality time is way more important than a gift. I'll just stick a bow to my head.

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