It's no secret that Toby Keith is a big supporter of the American military forces, but the 'American Soldier' singer got a chance to help bring one military family together in a bit more of a personal way at a recent concert in Houston.

During a performance on Sept. 8, Keith welcomed home a soldier who had been on deployment in Afghanistan - much to the surprise of his delighted wife, who didn't know her husband was coming home.

The 'Red Solo Cup' hitmaker had just finished his nightly toast to the families of American servicemen and women when he set the whole thing up by asking for a volunteer from the audience. "Before I do this next song, I said I was drinking to the families tonight of the people that are proud to wear our country's uniform," he declared. "Has anyone here tonight got a soldier, a Marine overseas that you love and honor?"

After a number of hands went up in the audience Keith - as he had pre-arranged with his crew - pulled a woman from the crowd to come on stage and sing 'American Soldier' with him. They dedicated the song to her husband, whom she identified as Major Pete Cruz, saying he was stationed in Afghanistan.

As the song neared its end, Keith's guitarist began to play the national anthem, and a stage hand brought out the singer's American flag guitar  -  only this crew member was Major Cruz, who surprised his astonished wife with a tearful on stage reunion.

The couple then joined Keith for a spirited rendition of 'Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American),' after which Keith bid Major Cruz farewell, saying, "Thank you for your service, God speed."

Watch the video of the touching reunion below.

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