Bull riding legend Tuff Hedeman and the nation's top bull riders will be heading to Lufkin on Saturday, February 25th for the 28th annual Lufkin CBR Bull Bash. 

Lufkin hosts the nation's 2nd longest running bull riding event with the Bull Bash first being held in 1990.  Since that time, numerous champions like Jim Sharp, Norman Curry, Ty Murray, Cody Teel, and, of course, Tuff Hedeman have earned money riding inside the George H Henderson, Jr. Expo Center.

This year's event will feature the top 24 cowboys in the Championship Bull Riding circuit.  After the first go, 12 of those will advance to the next round.  Then, the top four will ride into the Shoot Out Round.  The winner of that will be crowned the champion of the Lufkin Bull Bash.

Bull rider Sage Kimzey currently is on top of the CBR rankings, and the 22-year-old is on pace to break numerous long-standing bull riding records.  Also featured will be Lovelady High School senior Boudreaux Campbell.  He's only 18, but he currently sits 3rd in the overall rankings, and he's sure to have tons of local fan support.

I was able to talk to Tuff Hedeman about these and other bull riders and much more about the Bull Bash in a recent interview.  Check that out in the video below.


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