Ah, Turkey Day! If you are cooking a turkey for the first time and have a question, don't hesitate to call the Turkey Hotline1-800-Butterball. They have heard it all! Don't believe me? Here are the top 5 strangest or just plain stupid questions people have asked!

1) Is it okay to thaw my turkey in the bathtub while bathing my kids?

2) Can I brine my turkey in the washing machine?

3) Can I use my oven’s self-cleaning cycle to speed up the cooking process?

4) If I cut my turkey with a chainsaw will the oil affect the taste?

5) Can I take my frozen turkey into my sauna to thaw it faster?

I also heard that someone once called the hotline asking if basting with motor oil was o.k.! Another caller asked how to get their Chihuahua out of the turkey! Apparently, the little pup dove in and couldn't get out!

So, believe me! They have heard it all! You can check out Butterball.com for frequently asked questions. Of course, if it's a strange question like some the ones above? Don't worry, like I said they have heard it all and if not...we can add your question to this list next year! :)


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