Do you know of anyone who's on a cruise right now?  Or maybe you have some friends that will be taking a cruise soon.  How about tracking the thousands of tankers, ferries, or pleasure boats in the world's waterways at any given time?  

There's a website for that.

The website is nothing new, but I discovered it for the first time a few days ago.  I immediately zoomed into the Gulf of Mexico and Yucatan area to find some of the Carnival cruise ships, just to see where they were.

From tug boats to fishing boats to ocean liners, you can not only see their latest position, but you can also click on the boat icon and get details on the ship, tanker, or boat, and in many cases, see a picture of the vessel.

Why do I think this is so cool?  I was that kid in the back seat of the car looking through the huge Rand McNally Roadmap Book, letting my mom and dad know what small town we would be driving through next.  I was an only kid...go figure.

When you open the page, be sure to click on vessel filters on the left side tool bar to see what the different vessel icons represent.

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