It's been a long time coming. Man, most Texans have known that Cody Johnson is a superstar for the better part of a decade, he's been selling out arenas for years down here in Texas. The fact that it has taking this long for the rest of the country to figure it out is honestly unbelievable. He somehow became our best kept secret.

Last night the East Texas native, former jailer, former bull rider, and former dive bar performer stepped up to the plate on a national stage and absolutely rocked it. People know, if they don't they choose not to.

Last night country music fans finally got to see what we've all been seeing for years. We've been saying it for years now, but it really feels like this is Cody Johnson's year. 

If you missed his performance last night at CMT Music Awards give it a watch, then see how Twitter reacted to it down there.

Congrats CoJo!






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