If you'd like to get a sneak peek of what Tyler Comic Con has to offer at their upcoming November event, check out the "Mini-event" they're having during downtown Tyler's "Hit the Bricks" Saturday, August 10.

I'm excited about this fun addition to the day's lineup in downtown Tyler. It's open to the public, so just head over to the square and fan-guy/fan-girl out to your heart's content. Check out the "Geeky Art and Vendors" and have lunch from one of the various food trucks that will be there for your culinary curiosity.

If you're not familiar with Comic Con, generally-speaking, it's like a celebratory intersection of sci-fi, comic book lore, video games, anime, pop culture, etc. It's a great place for fans to meet others who share their passions and often you can meet experts and even creators sometimes.

The main event is a two-day event in early November--learn more about that event and connect with them here. For more details on the mini event coming up next Saturday, this should help.

Also, if you're a potential vendor, you're welcome to set up. They ask to let them know though. Because, unless you're a superhero who can manipulate the laws of matter and physics, space is limited.

Can't wait!

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