When it comes to birthday parties or Summer shindigs in East Texas, the list of venues or what to do is rather limited.  Usually a pool, bouncy house, trampoline, and/or cookout are involved.

How about something new, fresh, and exciting?!

The Game Box East Texas brings the ultimate in video gaming to you and your party or get-together.  Sit in professional gaming chairs as you square off against your friends in this state of the art, air-conditioned mobile gaming center.   Experience your favorite games like never before.  All the latest consoles, all the latest titles, fun dance games, virtual reality experience and more.  Liven up a party, reunion, convention, fundraiser, corporate or sporting event. It's great for kids of all ages.

How about a two-hour party with The Game Box-ETX...FOR FREE!  KICKS 105 has teamed up with East Texas Slab Masters to giveaway several of these parties.


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