Ever wondered what Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard would look like as a Disney character? Okay, okay, we'll admit that never really crossed our minds either—but the singer and his family gave everyone an unexpected treat this Halloween by dressing up as a way-too-cute Frozen ensemble.

Hubbard, of course, is garbed up as Kristoff, and he actually fits the part scarily well. Wife Hayley is a fetching Anna in a red wig. Cutest of all is the tiny Elsa, portrayed by toddler Olivia, and little Olaf, who happens to be new baby brother Luca under that snowsuit. Even the family dog gets in on the action, with a Sven reindeer costume.

Given the expert execution, you'd never know that Hayley is not too much of a Halloween fan. However, that seems to be the case, given the caption to her photo on Instagram in which she states "I’m beginning to enjoy Halloween a little more these days." She gives credit to her kids, as well as friends Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren (whom all good fans know are absolute holiday slayers).

Hubbard himself is likely a fan of any holiday that comes his way (even if he has to put on a Kristoff wig) given his busy work schedule of late. Having recently released their latest single “Blessings,” FGL is now prepping for a trip back to Las Vegas for their FGL Live From Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on November 6, 8, 9 and 12. FGL will also head out on tour with Kenny Chesney come April of next year.

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