It's been an ongoing debate for years. Some of us can't even fathom putting foaming peppermint paste or gel in our mouths first thing in the morning when we've not even had the heavenly moment that is the first sip of coffee upon arising.

For others, it's this very idea of putting any drinks or food in our mouths without giving it a good cleaning after a night's sleep that is the very catalyst for Cresting or Colgating our way to a clean mouth sans all of the icky bacterial funk we've accumulated in our mouths overnight. *Ahem.* Can you tell into which I camp I fall?

Turns out, the answer to whether or not you should brush your teeth before or after breakfast is: BEFORE. Why?

According to dental experts, there are several reasons. For one, we do, in fact, accumulate bacteria in our mouths overnight. That bacteria may react with the sugars and acids in your morning meal. You know what that means? Tooth erosion and decay, and cavities.

It may even be harmful to brush after breakfast. I have read several articles that confirm that eating (or drinking) something acidic for breakfast will cause your teeth to be more vulnerable to sensitivity and abrasion.

So, I get that peppermint and pancakes don't really go together--nor does cinnamon and coffee for that matter. Hmm. Actually... *ponders* Plus some people wonder why you'd want to "dirty up" your mouth with food and coffee right after brushing. I get that. However, mouthwash can be helpful here. Also, you can always do a quick brush once you get to work.

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