If you're looking to make some new money this fall, the seasonal hiring rush could be the boost you're looking for.  One company says they'll pay up to $30 per hour, and they're going to need a lot of help.

Online shopping makes it rain packages at delivery distributions centers, and if it's busy now, just wait until November.  That's when we start seeing two guys in the UPS truck instead of one, and those trucks are jammed floor-to-ceiling with brown boxes. We can only imagine how wild it gets inside the distribution centers, with loaders trying to catch packages coming out of the chute at 2am so they can route them to the right zip codes and streets.  All of those involved in the package delivery process deserve our thanks and praise, and perhaps some energy drinks.  Wanna join them?

Across the country, UPS is hiring 95,000 new people to get through the holidays. The company said last week they'll pay from $10 to $30 per hour, depending on the position, and if you're interested all you have to do is hit the job site and apply online.

Patch.com says about 37 percent of the seasonal workers last year now have full-time jobs at UPS, so it could turn into something more than extra holiday money.

At last check there was just one job posted specifically for Lufkin and that was an automotive mechanic.  And applying online through the master UPS Jobs site will route resumes locally.

UPS workers, we would apologize for ordering so much stuff, but by doing so we are helping pay your rent and perhaps put your kids through college.  And now 95,000 more will get in on that action.

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