This is the Valentine's event in East Texas. Taste all that Nacogdoches has to offer as they kick off an entire weekend of WINE starting with the award-winning Wine, Whiskey and Brew Tour. Singles, couples - all are invited to visit local favorite libation stops. Buy a ticket and you get all three tastings.

The tour includes four stops, on Friday, February 8th 2018, in the oldest town in Texas. The last stop will be at a local food truck to soak up the suds. Stops include the Naca Valley Winery, Fredonia Brewery, and the Red House Winery. This is a perfect pre-event for the Saturday February 9th 2019 Wine Swirl event featuring favorite regional vintners. Tickets are just 45 each and can be purchased via at Eventbrite.

What makes a date special? Something that you have never done before, something that money can't just buy. An unforgettable experience is always a better gesture than just whipping out the check book. Yeah this event costs a few bucks. But you could spend a lot more, with nothing to show for it. This way you are making memories, and if you are doing it with someone you love, it just makes it that much sweeter.



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