It's the blue and black or white and gold dress all over again.

As a kid, I loved optical illusions. I even studied how your eye and brain work when you're viewing optical illusions for a middle school science fair. Even to this day, I still enjoy them... I just never expected to find a living optical illusion.

The person who posted the video identifies the animal as a bunny, saying they love getting their noses stroked. However, people began commenting that the animal in the video is not a bunny, but rather a bird. Others began weighing in to debate that theory.

I'll admit, this one has got me. I was so sure about the other viral optical illusions. The dress was black and blue and the shoes were pink and white. With this video, just when I've determined that it's a bunny, I start to think it's a bird. And now my head hurts.

What do you think?

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