Example 1:

You are an idiot if you're wearing a mask.  It's proven not to shield you from the coronavirus, plus you're un-American if you tell me to wear one because it's unconstitutional.  You're being played!

Example 2:

How stupid do you have to be to not wear a mask right now? I have several friends who are now COVID-19 positive because there are so many selfish jerks who refuse to wear a mask.  If you're one of those people, unfriend me now!

Ultimately, these two examples basically say the same thing:  This post is all about me, and my opinion is 100% right and the only one that matters. If your goal is to show the public just how prideful you are...congratulations, you have been successful.

Listen, I get it.  The past four to five months have been confusing, scary, frustrating, and angering.  It seems like those who should be in the know feed us one line of information one day, and then within a few days, do a complete 180.  We've come to have an inherent mistrust of our leaders and bureaucratic scientists, and in many cases, that mistrust is deserved.

This leads many of us to base our opinions and leanings to information that is fed to us on social media.  That can be very dangerous.  Many 'factual statements' based on 'research' and 'actual data' taken from 'doctors', 'scientists', and 'whistleblowers' are ultimately untraceable and are usually full of falsehoods.

Yes, we should seek the truth in all things.  Do I believe that there are people purposely spreading lies on either side an any issue?  Absolutely!  So, what's the best way to find the truth?

First, let's remove our anger, pride, and impatience from the equation.  I've seen some posts that say we're playing right into the hands of the media, the New World Order, the Republicans, or the Democrats.  When we spew unkind words, I do know we're playing right into the hands of the devil.

Finding the truth always starts with love.  Whether it's COVID-19, mask wearing, racial equality, or any issue large or small, love has to be the basis for coming to a resolution and finding the truth.  Out of love comes compassion, mutual respect, the desire to understand one another, and humility. When Jesus was on this Earth, he did not come to condemn.  He used love, compassion, and mercy to spread His word and the truth.  I just don't think posting rude and malicious comments on social media can be pleasing to God.

I'm not saying we shouldn't argue or debate one another.  Arguments are good things, as long as your goal is to find the truth by way of listening and trying to understand all sides. If your goal in an argument is to 'win your point' or to show how smart you are, you will be relegated to one of those earlier examples in the post, and you will accomplish nothing.

Let me fervently point out that I am a major sinner.  I am not a theologian.  I am not better than anyone on this planet.  I do believe that I have been given the gift of being observant, at times.  And, what I'm observing right now is that we need more love in this world.  We need to call more and more upon God to help us.

We need to pray.

If you've seen the movie, 'Apollo 13', perhaps you remember the scene where people, leaders, and governments around the world prayed for the safety of the astronauts.  That actually did happen in real life, from Washington D.C. to Rome to Jerusalem to Times Square and many other churches and synagogues and living rooms, the world was united in prayer.

The crew of Apollo 13 would eventually splashdown safely into the Pacific Ocean.  Some might say the combination of skill, science, and fortunate events led to this positive outcome.  Those who have faith, know better.  Prayer is powerful, especially when so many are gathered to pray for the benefit of others.  One of the NASA engineers of that fated mission is quick to give credit to the prayers and the ensuing series of miracles that played out.

Let's pray.  Let us be kind, loving, and merciful.  God will show us the way...the truth.

May God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit be with you.

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