Last week, Hollywood visited the Taco Bell in Commerce, Texas.  You may wonder if that means they were filming a movie there, or perhaps a high profile actor or actress had a craving for Mexican fast food. 


Hollywood is the name of a horse, and Lathan Crump is the cowboy who decided to ride Hollywood through the front doors and into the Taco Bell dining area.  It wasn't really a prank and everybody seemed to take the surprise with a smile on their face.

According to a report from Fox 4, Crump had just participated in calf roping at a local rodeo, and it's his tradition to eat Taco Bell after competing.  Crump indicated on social media that the drive thru at the restaurant wasn't working, so he decided to place his order at the counter, while still mounted on his horse.

There were no complaints so police were not involved in the incident.  No word on what Crump ordered...hopefully Hollywood wasn't treated to too many bean burritos.

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