For Spring Break, our family decided to try out the slopes of Colorado.  Specifically, we went to the Keystone area, and let me be the first to say that the folks at this resort are some of the friendliest people we have ever met.  They take customer service to a whole new level.

March 2019 has been crazy as far as the snowfall totals so far.  This has been the snowiest March they have ever recorded and there are still a couple weeks of the month to come.

While I was walking past one of the buildings at the River Run complex, I noticed that there were several workers on top of the roof clearing some of the ice, snow, and icicles. I noticed that one guy was trying to break loose an icicle that looked to be about 10 feet long, so I decided the video the event to see what kind of crash this icicle would bring when it hit the ground.

I ended up getting footage of something very scary...take a look (and thank god for safety harnesses).

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