Bull riding is usually saved as the last event at a rodeo because that is usually the fan favorite of all the rodeo features.  After attending Friday night at the Angelina Benefit Rodeo, I can truly say that I'm not sure which was my favorite event...there were so many from which to choose.

Bobby Kerr's Mustang Act is super-impressive.  I'll bet you've never seen a horse riding shotgun in a convertible, and he has the three best-trained dogs I have ever seen. The calf scramble for some of the area high school seniors was highly entertaining.  I'm not sure if I enjoyed watching the kids trying to harness a calf more or watching the line of Lion's Club members doing their best to establish a perimeter through which the calves were not supposed to penetrate...but they did.

The bull riding, the bronc busting, steer dogging, roping, barrel racing, Keith Isley as the rodeo clown...it's all great, but, the mutton busting still is one of my favorites.  Friday night, the enthusiastic crowd was treated to several rides that went from one end of the arena to the other. But, for the second straight night, it was the rider who drew the sheep named 'Q-Tip' that was our champion.

Jacob Lawson's awesome ride earned him 96 points and the championship trophy.  Gunner Walker was right behind him with an excellent ride of 94 points.  Trail Wilkes rode for 93 points and Colbie Manry was right behind with a ride of 89 points. See the video of the rides below as well as photos of the riders.

Here are the mutton busters scheduled to ride at the Angelina Benefit Rodeo on Saturday night.


  1. Samuel Brevard - 6 - Lufkin
  2. Luke Ener - 6 - Pollok
  3. Annika Friesen - 6 - Lufkin
  4. Kynleigh Haney - 9 - Lufkin
  5. Jay Hathorn - 7 - Alto
  6. Charlie Henderson - 6 - Lufkin
  7. Joseph Hughes - 6 - Lufkin
  8. Reina Hyde - 6 - Lufkin
  9. Noah Litton - 8 - Huntington
  10. Blair McCall - 5 - Lufkin
  11. Cora McCall - 8 - Lufkin
  12. Ronin Squyres - 6 - Lufkin

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