Anybody notice the increase of gas prices lately around East Texas?

Just a few weeks ago we were looking at prices under $2, but now they have increased to nearly .14 cents within that past two weeks.

According to CBS DFW, AAA Texas the average gas price for a gallon of regular gas unleaded is near $2.12 in spite being .14 cents lower than this day last year.

East Texans are receiving the lowest end of the gas prices at $2.07, but our friends in Midland are experiencing gas prices at $2.40 per gallon regular unleaded.

AAA Texas spokesperson Daniel Armbruster released a statement,

Prices at the pump are spiking as global crude inventories tighten and crude oil prices are hitting their highest level so far this year.  Inventories are likely to continue to tighten and keep gas prices higher through the end of the month.

While the gas prices are slightly on the rise one rule I use is when the tank is on half I usually fill it up to save money.

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