Have your heard the latest 'knock-knock' joke....KNOCK KNOCK......KNOCK KNOCK....KNOCK KNOCK ----Mr. Vice President, are you in there?

It seems that staying awake is getting more and more difficult these days.  From air traffic controllers all the way to Vice-President Joe Biden (video after the bump).

Apparently, a lot of folks aren't getting the nightly recommended 8 hours of sleep -- I know I'm lucky to get half of that.  This creates big problems because falling asleep during a speech is embarrassing, dozing off at work can get you fired and other people hurt, napping while driving can prove fatal!

So, what do you do to help yourself stay awake?  Do you have some sort of proven method that'll give you a burst of energy while you're at work or on the road?

I probably shouldn't admit this but I tend to stick my head out of the window like a dog when I need an adrenaline blast while I'm driving.

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